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The advantage serenity
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Furniture depository

Private 8 m3 furniture storage crates, ventailated, sealed for an additional security. Material of handling specialized.

Full security system including video, fire detection and 24 h monitored security system.

Your crockery is conditioned in glasses or plates barrels, cells insulating each item.

Your furniture is packed by clean covers or bullkraft, for short or long term.

A plan of installation of containers of furniture depository allows an easy location of yours.

For safety reasons, your containers are arranged in different places in the furniture depository.

In certain cases, when the conditions of access allow it, the setting in furniture depository or the delivery of your effects can be done directly by you.

The general conditions and the contract of furniture depository define and govern the reciprocal obligations of the customer and the company.
They guarantee to you conservation in conformity with the rules of the storage.

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