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The advantage serenity
of your move !

The fleet

AE MAGNUM 440 CV – Large lorry driver

integral pneumatic suspensions – interchangeable trailers – capacity of 100 m3 upholstered for removal – hydraulic forage ladder.

All our vehicles are removal upholstered allowing a good stowing of any transported material, movable a.s.o. …

Empty or full, our vehicles confirm to our customers the insurance of a quality of service.

System of navigation per satellite

External elevator

Largely facilitate the operations of loading or unloading, in the cases of difficult or particular accesses.

This model allows a deployment of scale up to 31 meters, that is to say between 10 and 12 stages, in full safety for handled furniture.

Its installation is very fast and allows it to be operational in a few minutes.

The narrow stair-wells, common parts, and your furniture are preserved of any damage, and your vicinity attends your removal in all serenity…

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