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The advantage serenity
of your move !


Because we love our profession and the well made work, we thought quite natural to cultivate within our company the quality notion.

ISO- 9001 and NF in Move and Furniture storehouses certified, members of the Employers’ federation of the Move, our definition of the Quality, is above all the listening of the customers, and the adequacy of the average human beings and material with their needs, expressed or not.

Know how to make and know how to be, to satisfy you as better as possible and take into account your suggestions to stay in a continuous improvement of our performances, such is the main motivation of our quality approaches.

Manage to make of our company a place where each of us comes to work with serenity, knowing that nothing is left at random and that the organization facilitates the time and the listening that we wish to offer you is another priority.

A serene move comes from a Quality of performances, and also follow-up and communication.

We are and remain convinced that our customers are sensitive to this state of mind, consolidated by the analysis of satisfaction surveys and experience feedback of which they make us benefit and from the number of their friends to whom they recommend us.