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Furniture depository

Our furniture depository is equipped with the most powerful systems of safety.

Connected 24 hours by remote monitoring to a security PC, we also have a system of integral video monitoring. The fire and warning system intrusion supplements the precautions which we take for your furniture.

Our procedures of maintenance, very strict, allow us to guarantee to your furniture a permanent safety.

Your effects are preserved in individual containers, provided with essential ventilations for the good safeguarding of your pieces of furniture. A thermal system of regulation ensures a constant temperature.

Numbered leads sealing your containers guarantee the absolute confidentiality to you. Container repartition, seriously thought, still add to the safety of your goods.

The access to your containers is exclusively reserved to you as to the people whom you will have expressly authorized.

On your request, the setting out of containers can be done directly on your premise, owing to a vehicle container carrier.

The general conditions and the contract of furniture depository define and govern the reciprocal obligations of the customer and the company.

They guarantee a conservation of your effects to you in conformity with the rules of the furniture depository.

our furniture depository